South Australian State Budget: The Stamp Duty Surcharge

If the Budget Measures Bill 2017 is passed as announced by the South Australian Parliament this afternoon the state will join many others in imposing a Stamp Duty surcharge on foreign purchasers of residential property. A foreign individual, company or trustee that acquires a residential property in South Australia will[…]

Superannuation: Issues for Reversionary Pensions

Budget announcements on 3 May this year presaged a plethora of changes to the Australian superannuation system more significant than any since May 2006. Five months later we have an Exposure Draft of the proposed legislation. These changes are some of the most complex yet. They introduce a whole range[…]

Special Disability Trusts

A Special Disability Trust is defined in the same way under both Federal and State taxation legislation. The definition is that in the Social Security Act 1991 (Cth) section 1209L and the Veterans Entitlement Act 1991 (Cth) section 52ZZZW. Both definitions rely upon the disabled individual meeting the definition of[…]

Mutual Wills: what they are and when to use them

A mutual will agreement is an arrangement where two people each agree to bequeath property in a certain way conditional upon the other person bequeathing property in a similar or complementary fashion. This type of arrangement may be used in second relationships where each partner leaves his or her estate[…]